Saturday, November 20, 2010

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YA author Daniel Marks (who may or may not also be a published author of urban fantasy zombie books ;-), is also a poster of hilarious vlogs on YouTube. A while back he started a vlog series he called "Bookshelf invasions" (and yes I agree with Richelle - I want that as my ringtone as well!), and he's hinted for some time that there would be a Richelle Mead episode of Bookshelf invasions.

As we know Richelle had her (annual?) Halloween party, and we've seen the photo of her dressed up as Cleopatra. But here we get to see the costume live. :-)

We also get an incredible look into her office (full of different Vampire Academy editions lying around). We get to see what books she has in her bookshelf (of course - it is called bookshelf invasions for a reason). And we (gasp!) get to see a draft of Last Sacrifice.

We also get to hear a few words from Synde (aka Psynde) who is not only a friend of Richelle's but also maker of beautiful jewelry, including Vampire Academy inspired ones. :-) Btw, Synde recently announced that she will only be making VA by request. So if you've seen a particular piece in the past, for example, you can still ask her if she'll be able to make one for you.

If you listen carefully, you can hear that we (or the fansites in general) are mentioned by Synde when they talk about Richelle starting Nicole Peeler's graphic novel for her. If you haven't seen Richelle's efforts before, you can see them in the post I wrote about her art. :-)

And if you look closely you get a hint as to whom Daniel Marks' other persona is (or one of them anyway).
Did you also notice that one of the books we see in the clip is Mists of Avalon that Richelle has mentioned before as her favorite book? :-)

I loved this whole video for several reasons. All of those mentioned above, but also because I could spot one of my absolute favorite books in Richelle's bookshelf - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I know I've mentioned her books before, but if you're looking for a great book you ned to read that book! Be aware that it's an adult book, and the supernatural elements are not as important as they are in VA for example, but it's an amazing book.

You really should watch all of Daniel Marks' vlogs. They're hilarious (and sometimes even informative ;-). He's written one of the short stories in the anthology Kiss Me Deadly, and you can find out more about that, and about Daniel Marks, on his blog or you can follow him on twitter.

The bookshelf invasion also comes with a contest, so make sure you participate in that!

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