Monday, January 31, 2011

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This coming week may turn in to Emma Vieceli week here at I'm very excited about the fact that we managed to get an interview with Emma about her work as a comics artist and the Vampire Academy Graphic Novel, among other things. I can't wait for you to read it, and see how amazing Emma is! (If you didn't already know it.)

This is a video where Emma is interviewed at the London MCM Expo. It was done in May 2007, so it's been a while, but it's a good interview to hear a bit about her background, and to see and hear her live, so to speak. :-)

You can usually find Emma at the MCM Expos in the UK. Have any of you met her at one of them?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Don't forget to vote for Richelle Mead (well, her books) in the nomination round for Children's Choice Book Awards over at
In association with the Children’s Book Council (CBC), is giving you a very special opportunity to let your voices be heard by telling us your five favorite books of 2010. The five titles that receive the most votes will serve as the finalists for the CBC’s 2011 Teen Choice Book of the Year. Once the five finalists have been determined, we will tell you where you can go vote for them. The winner will be announced in May 2011.
All you have to do is fill out the form on the Teen Reads website. You have until February 7 to nominate your favorites.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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We wrote yesterday about how Arcane Vault teased us that we would be seeing examples of how our ideas of new Vampire Academy merchandise will be implemented. So which idea did they choose to begin work on?

Well, just now, Arcane Vault posted to their Facebook page, pictures of the concept design for VA bookends!

Like the word says, so far this is just concept art, and the designs can change a whole lot until production time. :-)

This is Arcane Vault's description:
Please keep in mind that these are very preliminary; designs may change and colors definitely will change.
- Bookends will be made of powder coated stainless steel - Expected retail price will be between $45.00 and $60.00 per set.
- Expected to be available to retail in late Summer 2011.

For a better idea of what these will look like when finished please check out the Spider Man bookends also pictured in this album.
These are the Spiderman bookends mentioned:

You can find them, and give your comments on the VA bookends, in the Bookends album on Arcane Vault's Facebook page.

Some people commented that the preliminary price for the bookends was a bit steep for them, and Arcane Vault responded to those comments, by saying:
As for the price, please keep in mind that these age going to pretty big (standing between 8"-11") and they will be very heavy duty to the fact that they are going to be made of stainless steel.
What do you think? Are you going to buy these the minute they come out? Which do you like the best? Make sure to let Arcane Vault know which colors etc you prefer; you know they're always keen to hear to our opinions. :-) And ask them any questions you might have - they're really good with answering our querys as well.
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BloodlinesFans alerted us on to the fact that a new, Vampire Academy related, word has been added to the Urban Dictionary. That word is:


And the definition of the word is (according to the Urban Dictionary):
Being Dimkalicious or being called it means that you are comparable to Dimitri Belikov, in the way that he is sexy, gorgeous, bad-ass, amazing, "like a god", fierce etc.
He's so Dimkalicious!
Isn't this awesome? I remember the late night Twitter talks that inspired this word, and they were really fun to follow. The credit for inventing the word in the first place goes to Melissa (Minamostaza). Congrats! :-)
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Arcane Vault had some great news a couple of days ago. They've just released another one of the Vampire Academy pins, I stake Strigoi!

I love it!! I'd just ordered the other pins (which incidently arrived today, and they are so pretty!), so I didn't expect to place another order just yet. However, when I checked the shipping costs, I discovered that they've set a gradual increase, so the shipping cost for one pin is super cheap! I love it! So, of course, I had to order this pin too. :-)

You can order the I Stake Strigoi pin here.

Also, Arcane Vault just hinted that they have some exciting news coming later in the week about something we (the fans) suggested to them. If you missed it, Arcane Vault asked us what kinds of merchandise we want to see from them. There were suggestions ranging from fake tattoos, tote bags and book ends, to blankets, bedclothes and pillows. I'm looking forward to seeing which of these suggestions they took to heart for this update.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

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It's been a while since we had a Friday Trivia Quiz from Arcane Vault. With all the sneak peeks we've been fortunate in getting lately, today get a little break and get a quiz instead. :-)

This shirt is what you can win:

All you have to do, to be part of the contest, is to name the characters that were in the room at the moment of a particular event in Last Sacrifice. (We're still being a bit cautious when it comes to talking about Last Sacrifice. :-)

Visit Arcane Vault's Facebook page for all the details about how to enter. The contest is open till midnight (EST) on January 22.

Friday, January 21, 2011

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We've showed you a lot of Psynde's beautiful jewelry in the past, but this is a special one in a couple of ways. It's the first piece representing Bloodlines, the first book in the Vampire Academy spin-off series. It also bears a name that gives us a huge clue to one of the characters in the book. Nothing that we hadn't already figured out if we've read Last Sacrifice, but since I know not all of us have done that yet, including one of the founders of this website, I'm going to refrain from posting the name of the bracelet. You can, however, see what it's called, either by checking what the picture is called, looking at the listing for the bracelet, or you can read the description below to find out the name of the character. :-)

This is Psynde's own description of the bracelet. Remember, there is a SPOILER here if you haven't read Last Sacrifice yet.
two strands of silver plate chain hold a black cubic zirconia heart and a tiny black handcrafted Turkish Nazar bead. Black hearts are what I have come to associate with Adrian..Now we move into a new story..
Psynde has also added a couple of other Vampire Academy pieces to her store, including these wonderful wonderful earrings. They are called Love Is A Rose, and you can find them here.

These updates from Psynde are also special, because she has now confirmed that she will be creating more Vampire Academy jewelry. For a while it was uncertain whether she would continue with Cemetery Cat Jewelry at all, so we're very happy that she has not only decided to continue creating jewelry, but also more lovely pieces for us Vampire Academy fans.

Make sure to follow Psynde on Twitter for updates on her jewelry, or check her Etsy store frequently. The Bloodlines bracelet was bought almost as soon as it went up, so you might have to be on your toes to catch a special piece. Remember, however, that Psynde also considers custom requests if there is something in particular that you want, and I think she might be making more of the Bloodlines bracelets. :-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

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The next time sensitive blog that we're posting, is about Arcane Vault.

We've gotten a lot of awesome news from Arcane Vault in the last month, so we won't be able to talk about everything in this particular blog post, but we'll show you some what's new in their store right now.

As for the time sensitive part of the post; Arcane Vault is having a sale that ends today! It's a New Year's "Thank You" sale to thank us for the fact that they had their best 4th quarter in company history. (And I have a feeling that with the Vampire Academy fandom growing all the time, 2011 will prove to be even better! :-)
The discount is for 20%, and you just enter the code new2011 when you place your order.

So, what are you going to buy with your discount? Here are some pics of the new items. There are other things being added, and we'll blog about some of them eventually.

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Because it's been a while since we've last posted, there's also been a few news tidbits about Bloodlines, which we'll post about. The latest is that we now have a release date! Bloodline will be in stores on August 23, 2011.

Penguin have opened an official website for the series at At the moment, you'll find a countdown for Bloodlines, links for pre-ordering and also links to sites and networks to keep track of Bloodlines news.

On the Bloodlines website, we also get our first peek at a tag line for the series:


So, what do you think? Are you excited about Bloodlines? The background for the website is the same as the cover we've seen for the book. I'm wondering if that means it's an actual cover? I really like it, but it's very early for a cover, and I don't think we've gotten an official presentation, which we usually do when a cover is revealed.

Friday, January 14, 2011

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It's been a while since last time. Good to be back, and let's see how much we manage to catch up!

I thought I'd start the catch-up blogging with a couple of time sensitive blog posts.

First off, I wanted to let you know (or remind you) about a really awesome giveaway that's going on over at Stephanies Pellegrin's blog. I think I first read about it in a tweet from

Stephanie is a fan of Vampire Academy, and was thrilled when she happened to find a display for the books in her grocery store.
This is what she found:

Stephanie writes that she wasn't sure whether the signatures on the bookplates were real or not. However, if you've been keeping tabs on Richelle's tweets prior to the Last Sacrifice tour, you might have read about her bookplate signing (and also about her search for the perfect signing pen ;-).

Stephanie took the opportunity to grab a few of the bookplates and other things, and she's giving away five prize packs with a bookplate, a bracelet and a pin in each.

The giveaway is super easy to enter, so you should really visit Stephanie's blog and fill out the form, especially considering the awesome prizes! The giveaway runs through Friday January 14, and its international, so hurry up!