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We who own this blog are Kinga (aka Little Dhampir), Marie and Stephanie. We all got to know each other through Twilight. We each come from separate Swedish Twilight blogs, Twilight Sweden, The Twilight Saga.se and Twilightgrejer.se.

When we had Twilight meet-ups Stephanie kept talking about Vampire Academy, how good the books were and how everyone had to read them. Finally she convinced Marie to read it and she got sucked in at once. She talked about it with Kinga, and as it happened, Kinga had been planning to listen to the audiobooks. It didn't take Kinga long to fall for the books, and when Kinga and Marie met the next time, they talked about the possibility of starting a blog together. It was something Marie had thought about doing ever since she finished the books and felt she might go crazy waiting for Spirit Bound to come out, but she didn't feel she had the time to start something new. With the option of starting the blog together, it seemed like a more possible venture. Kinga and Marie told Stephanie about their plans, asking her if she wanted to be part of the blog. She was enthusiastic about the idea, and also came with the suggestion to start a podcast, something she'd been planning for some time.