Monday, October 25, 2010

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This is something I've been wanting to post for a long time, but the news keep on coming, so other posts take priority. However, I think we need something really fun today, so here's a real treat for you! :-)

When Richelle tweeted about the Vampire Academy graphic novel a few weeks ago, a couple of her author friends were a bit jealous of the fact that Richelle was getting her own graphic novel, and they weren't. :-)

So, Richelle being the great friend that she is, decided to give them what they wanted, and here are the results.

First she drew this fine picture for Nicole Peeler, featuring her main character, Jane True.
Then, as things go, Jackie Kessler (who also happens to write a book series about a succubus), was disappointed that Richelle didn't draw anything for her, after which Richelle followed up with this masterpiece. According to Richelle herself, her technology had improved vastly since she drew Nicole Peeler's 10 minutes earlier. ;-)

Naturally, after seeing this, Nicole Peeler felt short changed, and requested a color rendition as well. Of course, Richelle obliged, and here is the result:
Don't you just love Richelle?

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Claire (Cem) said...

Lol awesome!! And yes, do just totally love Richelle.

Lora said...

This is SO funny! :) Totally love the second one!

Marie said...

Cem and Lora:
Thanks! I just love the whole thing. :D

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