Friday, January 21, 2011

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We've showed you a lot of Psynde's beautiful jewelry in the past, but this is a special one in a couple of ways. It's the first piece representing Bloodlines, the first book in the Vampire Academy spin-off series. It also bears a name that gives us a huge clue to one of the characters in the book. Nothing that we hadn't already figured out if we've read Last Sacrifice, but since I know not all of us have done that yet, including one of the founders of this website, I'm going to refrain from posting the name of the bracelet. You can, however, see what it's called, either by checking what the picture is called, looking at the listing for the bracelet, or you can read the description below to find out the name of the character. :-)

This is Psynde's own description of the bracelet. Remember, there is a SPOILER here if you haven't read Last Sacrifice yet.
two strands of silver plate chain hold a black cubic zirconia heart and a tiny black handcrafted Turkish Nazar bead. Black hearts are what I have come to associate with Adrian..Now we move into a new story..
Psynde has also added a couple of other Vampire Academy pieces to her store, including these wonderful wonderful earrings. They are called Love Is A Rose, and you can find them here.

These updates from Psynde are also special, because she has now confirmed that she will be creating more Vampire Academy jewelry. For a while it was uncertain whether she would continue with Cemetery Cat Jewelry at all, so we're very happy that she has not only decided to continue creating jewelry, but also more lovely pieces for us Vampire Academy fans.

Make sure to follow Psynde on Twitter for updates on her jewelry, or check her Etsy store frequently. The Bloodlines bracelet was bought almost as soon as it went up, so you might have to be on your toes to catch a special piece. Remember, however, that Psynde also considers custom requests if there is something in particular that you want, and I think she might be making more of the Bloodlines bracelets. :-)

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it is nice dresses, if anyone of u remember about the dress up of nina dobrev in vampire diaries season 2.. i just like it.

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