Thursday, January 27, 2011

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BloodlinesFans alerted us on to the fact that a new, Vampire Academy related, word has been added to the Urban Dictionary. That word is:


And the definition of the word is (according to the Urban Dictionary):
Being Dimkalicious or being called it means that you are comparable to Dimitri Belikov, in the way that he is sexy, gorgeous, bad-ass, amazing, "like a god", fierce etc.
He's so Dimkalicious!
Isn't this awesome? I remember the late night Twitter talks that inspired this word, and they were really fun to follow. The credit for inventing the word in the first place goes to Melissa (Minamostaza). Congrats! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that's me!! =) Dimkalicious is in the urban dictionary!! Yay!! =D Thanks for the mention! ;) It was a late chat me and the awesome @melk_va and @little_vampire8 had. We were very Dimka-drunk that night I couldn't help myself in bringing out that word. xD

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