Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Today we got to hear a little bit more about the Vampire Academy related things happening at New York Comic Con.

Penguin tweeted a picture of their booth
, and as always, Vampire Academy is very visible there. :-)

Arcane Vault took this photo while visiting the Penguin Booth:

I love that shirt! I have another shirt with that print, which I've been promising to show pics of, and I will get round to it soon!

Cadsawan jewelry wrote about their meeting with Arcane Vault
. Cadsawan jewelry have decided to use the same symbols as Arcane Vault, so I guess they're going to be collaborating regarding the designs from now on. They've also been to visit the Penguin booth today, where Janet is showing her jewelry.

Janet tweeted this photo of the Vampire Academy necklace she would be wearing at NYCC. It's just amazing!!!

She wrote in a comment on Facebook that she'd be happy to make another one, if someone wanted their own. :-)

So those are a few pics from NYCC. If you have any of you're own (Vampire Academy related), we'd love it if you sent them our way! :-)

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