Saturday, October 9, 2010

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So, so, sooo many fun things to write about! Where to begin? How about an interview with Richelle Mead and Charlaine Harris?

Erin came across this video on Amazon. I don't know if it's possible to embed the video. Anyway, I haven't been able to figure out how to do it, so click through to Amazon to view the video. (Warning! Possible spoilers!)

It doesn't say when the video was filmed, but Richelle is wearing the same dress that she wore at the Teen Read Awards.

Richelle talks about Last Sacrifice and how it's all going to end. So if you don't want to know anything about the final book, don't watch the video and don't continue reading. I'm torn between what I want. I want to know things, but I still want to be surprised when I read the book!

I wrote all of it down, for those of you who aren't able to watch the video.

RM: It's interesting, because in an upcoming book, the last book (maybe I shouldn't be talking about it) but there we do visit the South a little bit and...

CH: Oh, that's fun!

RM: Yeah, Rose is a little contemptuous of the South, because she's going off on stereotypes, but by the end she likes it so...but she would do okay down in Louisiana, I think.

CH: Oh, I think she would. She's very adaptable

RM: Yes, and she likes food, and there's good food down south.

CH: There is.
Richelle, like everyone else who reads your books, I wanna know if you're gonna resolve the love triangle in the last book.

RM: Well, I have to resolve everything, pretty much in the last book, which makes it, I guess, the ending of a series. Which is hard for me, because usually I end on cliffhangers and leave people, you know, dying in suspense. But yeah, Rose's romantic woes have to be wrapped up here. A lot of the other hanging subplots will as well. So people will finally get closure.

CH: Awww.

RM: I know not everyone will be happy with the choices and the outcomes 'cause people have sides that they're on and not everyone can win.

CH: I think about that often.

RM: At least not in a YA book. And so, yeah, it'll be interesting to see. You know, I know everyone may not get their guy in the end, buy my hope is that the ending is still going to feel satisfying, and that after these six books they'll look and say, you know: Oh, you know, this feels right.

CH: Yeah. Oh, I'm sure it's gonna be great. I can hardly wait to read it.

RM: Aw, thank you!

So what do you all think? I think it's very exciting! We're starting to get glimpses into what's going to happen in Last Sacrifice, what it's about and how it's all going to end. I still worry though, because we all know that Richelle loves to break our hearts.

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