Sunday, October 10, 2010

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A few days ago we wrote about Book-Crush-A-Thon, where you vote for your favorite book crush, and the characters then go head to head until we finally have a winner crowned as the ultimate literary crush. :-)

Voting in the first round has closed, but there are a few ties, which means that before the duels can happen, there will be some polls to determine the order of the top 24. If I've understood it correctly, I don't think this voting is determining whether they will go through to the second round.

For example, Dimitri tied with Patch from Hush Hush in the first round. I'm guessing that the voting will be seeded in some way, which is why it's important what order the book crushes are in, in the first round.

So if you want to give Christian and Dimitri an advantage, visit Book-Crush-A-Thon and vote! From what I can gather, Adrian has already been voted through.

Voting will last through Monday October 11.

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