Friday, October 8, 2010

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It's time to gear up for this year's New York Comic Con. It begins today, and just like with San Diego Comic Con, there is going to be a Vampire Academy presence at different places of the convention.

Richelle Mead won't be there, but people connected to Vampire Academy in different ways, will be. So if you're going to NYCC, make sure you check these people out!

Penguin Teen:
As you know, Penguin is the publisher of Vampire Academy. They have their own booth, #2414, so be sure to visit them. At San Diego they had an awesome booth with quite a few Vampire Academy goodies (and books, of course).

Arcane Vault:
Arcane Vault is where you can find official Vampire Academy merchandise. They are arranging something very exciting, namely a kind of Vamire Academy treasure hunt.
All you have to do is find them walking around and say Hi to win over $100.00 of Arcane Vault merchandise. So be sure to look for the Red Molnija mark key chain on a bag.
Note: They are only going to be at the convention today!

Cadsawan Jewelry:
Cadsawan Jewelry make official Vampire Academy jewelry, and Janet from Cadsawan Jewelry is going to be at Comic Con. So if you find someone wearing her beautiful Vampire Academy jewelry, it's probably Janet herself!

Emma Vieceli:
Emma is the graphics artist for the upcoming Vampire Academy graphic novel. You will be able to find her in several places. In her own word you can find her "loitering" :-) at thePenguin and Oni booths. She has signing times at the Comic News Insider booth on: Friday: 6-7pm, Saturday: 12-1pm, Sunday: 3:30-4:30pm.

Are any of you going to NYCC? If so, I'm so jealous, and I want to hear all about it! :D

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