Monday, May 17, 2010

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There is only minutes left on the countdown clock to Spirit Bound!

Since Spirit Bound is now out in some countries (and soon in most parts of the world) we thought we'd prepare for the fact that there will soon be a lot of people who've read the book, but also a lot that have not.

The settings are now such that all comments have to be approved by us. It will be this way for at least a week, maybe more, to make sure that nobody is spoiled, unintentionally or otherwise.

But of course everyone who's read the book will be eager to discuss it! Believe me! Very few people I know have read the book already, so I've waited almost a week to discuss it more thoroughly with others.

Because of that, we're going to do two things:

1. In this post you can discuss what you want about Spirit Bound! Spoilers are allowed in this post, and this post only. Spoilers in any other post will be deleted.

2. We've started a thread on our Facebook Page. There you can discuss it without the risk of spoiling the book for the people who haven't read it yet.

I know how much we all love these books, so I would guess that some of you will have finished the book in a matter of hours. :-)

So what did you think? Did it live up to your expectations? What did you think about everything that happened? Was it what you expected?
Tell us your thoughts!

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Sandra said...

Guess I'll be the first to comment this post. specialy since it's my only way to get everything out of my head :P I loved the book! It definitely lived up to my expectations. It was even better.

But I don't know how to feel about Rose, Adrian and Dimitri triangle. I really like Adrians character and want him to be happy But Rose and Dimitri are meant to be. Really hope that it happens in Last Sacrifice.
There is A LOT more i could talk about, but this is enough for now.

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