Monday, May 17, 2010

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Very exciting news from Penguin Paranormal this morning!!!
With only 5 or hours to until Spirit Bound launch date, we're super happy to tell you that a completely redesigned VA website will launch at 9am tomorrow and will include forums! A well known author might occasionally post on those forums - wonder who?
How great is this?? Can you imagine if Richelle would reply to a post that you made?
It makes me think of the early days in the Twilight fandom (not that I was part of it then), when Stephenie Meyer communicated more frequently, and directly, with her fans. I think it's sad that she doesn't/isn't able to do that anymore, and it really makes me appreciate the relationship that Richelle Mead maintains with us, the fans. It really is a luxury, and a wonderful thing. Of course I hope that the Vampire Academy fandom will grow, and that more people will discover the books, but at the same time I hope that Richelle will still be able to talk with us like she does now.

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Zeinab said...

That's some big news! I can't really believe it...Richelle Mead? Wow...

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