Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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I happened upon the most amazing Vampire Academy news today! Michelle Rowen tweeted about a secret project of hers, that seemed to be no longer secret, since it was now listed on I think you're going to freak out as much as I did (at least ;-), when you hear what it's about.

On November 15, a book will be released called:

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide

How cool is that!! :D

I can't wait until we hear more of what it's about! You can find the book listed on Amazon. However, there is not much info on it yet. I asked Michelle Rowen about it and she didn't have much to say about it yet, just that she'll be blogging about it eventually. A lot of us already knew that Michelle, as well as being a friend of Richelle's, is also a fan of Vampire Academy, which she confirmed. She says she's lucky to be part of the project. :-)

Isn't this just the most awesome news? :D

You can find out more about Michelle Rowen on her Twitter and website.

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