Thursday, February 10, 2011

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I'm still jumping for joy after the Bloodlines cover reveal. :D Arcane Vault mentioned how they were very proud (as well they should be) of the fact that it's their design for the Alchemist's tattoo that we see on the cover.

That reminded me that I don't think we've posted their designs for the tattoos yet! I think they did a wonderful job of designing it. It looks exactly like I pictured it, and it calls back the nickname that we can read about in Last Sacrifice.

Full tattoo:

Icon, intended for shirts etc.:

Btw, for everyone who wondered who the guy on the Bloodlines cover is (and I guess that's pretty much all of us ;-), Richelle Mead confirmed most of our suspicions by simply saying that "the guy is the one left hanging at the end of Last Sacrifice".

I also spotted an interesting conversation between Richelle and her friend Mark Henry about the different versions the cover has gone through.
mark_henry:@RichelleMead That's really different from the spec art you showed us. Source

RichelleMead @mark_henry What was the last one you saw? The tattooed people? Source

mark_henry @RichelleMead Yep, the tattoo. Source

RichelleMead: @mark_henry Haha, yes, it's definitely come a long way. Source
Wouldn't it be really interesting to see the different stages of the cover? To see how it's changed in the process, and why?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm hoping the publishers will do a special feature for the stages of the cover, Melissa Walker does a lot of that on her own at her blog. It'll be really interesting... prolly funny too judging from the tweets :P

Anonymous said...

OMG! congratulations Richelle! i was so excited when i heard the news about the baby and the books been release in the same day! Wow!

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