Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Hopefully most of you were able to watch the Last Sacrifice webcast from Barnes and Noble in Tribeca, NY yesterday. I watched it, and loved it! Richelle Mead looked great, she was funny, seemed relaxed and answered reader questions in a very gracious manner.

If you were unlucky enough to not be able to watch the webcast, you still have the chance! It's now archived and is up on the website where we watched it originally, Visual Webcaster. Clicking here will take you directly to the Last Sacrifice Event page.

If you for example have a slow internet connection, or for any other reason aren't able to watch streaming video, (or if you maybe don't want to watch it yet, because Richelle reads a bit of Last Sacrifice in it), has a great recap of what Richelle said during the webcast.

I loved the entire webcast, and the fact that we, who otherwise wouldn't be able to go to one of these signings, could still feel like we were attending, even if we didn't actually meet Richelle. :-)

My favorite part, though, was the announcement from Richelle that the next issue of Entertainment Weekly (out on Friday), is going to be covering the spin-off series, what it's about, characters etc. That is so incredibly exciting, and not just because we get to hear about the next book, but also because a major entertainment magazine, read all over the world, highlights the Vampire Avademy series! The more people that know about the series, the bigger the chance that we'll get a movie.

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