Friday, November 26, 2010

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Arcane Vault are closed for the holidays, but they're always busy thinking up fun things for us fans. This time they are doing a Thanksgiving Trivia Contest!

Visit Arcane Vault's Facebook page to see all the questions, and to find out how to send in your answers. There are some really fun questions there.

Are any of you sending in your answers? I don't think I'll have the time, unfortunately. I should've looked for the answers today, but in a few hours I'm going on a weekend trip and I won't have access to my books. (And I'm not one of you amazing people who manage to recall every detail of the books, not yet anyway! ;-)

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Zeinab said...

Hej Marie! Det är Zeinab :)
Ville bara tipsa om att de fyra första kapitlen ur Last Sacrifice finns att läsa nu. De finns/fanns att hämta från Apple Store i USA tror jag, till Ipad, Iphone osv.
Sita Perri på facebook har i alla fall laddat upp sidorna i sitt fotoalbum, om du är intresserad :)

Ha det bra! /Zeinab

Zeinab said...

Om du inte redan visste om det då hehe :D

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