Friday, November 26, 2010

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As I think most of you know, you can order Vampire Academy books signed when buying them from University Bookstore in Seattle. If you want to know the details of how to order, you can read about it on Richelle Mead's website.

Richelle also talks about when she'll be at University Bookstore to personalize orders of Last Sacrifice and her other books:

I will be personalizing any mail orders received by November 16, and they will ship out November 17. After that, I won't be back in to personalize until December 1. So, no personalizations will ship out during that time period. You may still place pre-orders for autographed/personalized copies of Last Sacrifice. I will sign them (and any other orders) before I go on tour. Autographed copies of Last Sacrifice will then ship out on release day, December 7. Please contact University Bookstore with any other questions.

There hasn't been a definite date set yet for when to order Last Sacrifice signed, if you want it shipped by December 7. Of course you can always place an order after that date, but since Richelle will be going on a book tour for Last Sacrifice, she won't be able to sign any books until she gets back from the tour.

I asked her about a deadline for ordering if you want the book sent out by release date, and this is what she said:

As you can see (and as I mentioned) there is no definite date set, but this is Richelle herself guessing. There are a lot of books that will need signing, so she'll have to fit that into her schedule sometime before going to New York, which is her first stop on the tour.

I ordered my books a couple of days ago. I'm so excited! But neurotic as I am, of course I'm going to worry if I really filled out the form right. :-)

Funnily enough, just as I was writing this post, Vampire Academy on Facebook posted a (new?) video from Open Road. They have a lot of videos of Richelle Mead, and this particular one is about her relationship with University Bookstore!

I haven't figured out if it's possible to embed just that video, so the video you'll see below is the Halloween video (which I hadn't posted yet, so maybe it's just as well! :-). To watch the video about University Bookstore you can either click on See More on the embedded video, or you can view it on Richelle Mead's page over at Open Road. Just click on the video about University Bookstore.

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