Saturday, October 23, 2010

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It's been a while since we wrote about plans for the movie. Preger Entertainment, the producers who've procured the rights for a movie, are continuing with their search for a studio.

Preger also maintains a presence online with their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and if you aren't already following Preger on Facebook, you really should. They are actually on their way to 50 000 followers, which is really amazing! Our support is important to show possible studios that there is an audience if the movie were to be made.

On the official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook page, you can talk to other fans, but you can also take the opportunity to talk with the producers and ask them questions, and answer some of theirs. Preger ask the fans questions a few times a week or so, and the last few questions they've asked have been about whether fans think it's important if the writer/director of a movie is male or female.

That question became important in the Twilight world when Chris Weitz was picked as director of New Moon. There was a lot of talk in the fan community about whether it was the right choice or not. If maybe a woman director should've been chosen since the majority of the audience was female. For me, Chris Weitz proved, in his words and actions, that it isn't about which gender you are, but it's about your sensitivity to and understanding of the material.

It's an interesting question, and I think you should visit the VA Movie Facebook page and tell Preger what you think.

They posted a reminder on their wall, that is very important to consider when posting something on the Official Vampire Academy Facebook page: Be polite, respectful & keep the topic on VA. Remember that this is MORE than a fan site, it's a tool to get the movie made. Be thoughtful of your comments.

I haven't seen many comments that weren't respectful, but it's still an important thing to have in mind when posting. Most of us want this movie to be made, so we should show all possible studios that we're serious about it. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think that Chace Crawford should play as Adrian in Vampire aacademy. I also think that Ian Soemrhalder should play as Dimitri.

Anonymous said...

I disagree they are perfect the way they are especially adrian.:}

Anonymous said...

I really think that thsese people should play in the movie
Odette yustman as rose
Ben Barnes as Dimitri
Nicholas Hoult as Christian
Brittany Snow as Lissa
Chance Crawford as Adrian!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think Briana Evigan should act as Rose.
i mean i dont mean it in a bad way but i really dont see Sophia Bush as Rose i just dont. i see Rose as younger more interactive looking

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