Sunday, October 17, 2010

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A week or so ago, Richelle told us that she had gotten to read the script for Vampire Academy the Graphic Novel. I guess this means that drawing of the pictures can begin in earnest?

Emma Vieceli, the artist who has been given the great privilege of drawing Rose, Dimitri, Lissa and the others, tweeted this just the other day:

And a couple of days ago, she reported that she was two pages into inking!

She also posted a really fun VA poll. :-)

My answer was that I really love him with his hair down since it's a sign he's more relaxed, and that he isn't working, like when Rose comes to his room in Vampire Academy. Emma replied that that scene was in the test pages!

From what I could gather by the responses, there was a slight preference for Dimitri with his hair down. My opinion about how I like that Dimitri's hair up or down represents different sides of him, the fighting side and the more relaxed, seems to be the way Emma is looking at it as well. If you want the hair down to make an impact, then you have to have it up most of the time. Or what do you think?

The whole discussion made me so excited about the graphic novel! Even if there is a movie, it will take a lot of time before we get to see it, so the graphic novel is going to be the first time we see the book realized in pictures.

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