Sunday, October 17, 2010

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You're probably familiar with Bookcrush-A-Thon, since we've mentioned it a couple of times before. It's a fun contest where voting will determine the ultimate literary crush.

The first round of voting is now completed, and it's time for the Survivor style elimination to commence. ;-) Before that, though, we got a complete list of votes for all the nominees.

These are the results for all of our Vampire Academy guys:

11. Dimitri Belikov VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Richelle Mead (59)
15. Adrian Ivashkov VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Richelle Mead (53)
23. Christian Ozera VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Richelle Mead (36)
44. Mason Ashford VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Richelle Mead (13)
52. Eddie Castile VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Richelle Mead (5)

Eddie and Mason didn't make it into the final 24, and unfortunately, due to ties between some of the characters, Christian ended up just outside the final 24. However, we still have Dimitri and Adrian left to vote for!

Bookcrush-A-Thon are looking for fan art now, to represent the final 24 candidates. So if you have a particular fan art piece that you think represents Adrian or Dimitri (or any of the other nominated characters), visit the site and submit your recommendations.

I just had to mention one of my all time favorite literary characters, who was nominated, but unfortunately didn't make it into the final 24 either - Jamie Fraser OUTLANDER, Diana Gabaldon. I don't know if it was because not enough people have read the books, or maybe the people voting are a bit younger in general than those who've read Outlander, but I have to say if you haven't read the books, you really should. They're absolutely amazing!! Just an FYI: They are adult books.

I also had to say that I loved the fact that Jane Austen's Mr Darcy is in the running too; that one of the classics managed to squeeze in among the newbies :-)

What did you think about the final 24?

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