Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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As I mentioned in the previous post, Richelle Mead has managed the amazing feat of actually having books banned that are not yet released (or finished by the time of the banning either, for that matter).

Comics Alliance has an interesting (and funny) interview with Richelle Mead regarding Last Sacrifice being banned before it's out.

ComicsAlliance: What's it like to have a book banned IN THE FUTURE?

Richelle Mead: I first heard about the banning from a sci-fi artist who lives in Texas and is very pro-active about arts and whatnot down there. The FUTURE part came from a special time machine. Er, actually, I found out about the future part from another Facebook friend. Who may or may not be from the future.

But to seriously answer the question, The situation is more amusing to me than anything. First, because when I hear "banned books," I think of the greats -- Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger. How "Vampire Academy" is in those ranks is beyond me.

Second, I can understand how whatever board came up with this list in Texas thought they were doing something good. But, the fact that they've banned the series in its entirety -- before the content can even be reviewed -- makes it hard to take seriously. It makes me wonder just how careful the review was. Not that I would approve of banning even if someone had read the book a hundred times. It feels unreal.

CA: It says you were banned for "sexual content or nudity."

Mead: Well, here's the extent of the content. In Book 1, clothes are shed and making out ensues. In Book 2, two teens have (protected) sex essentially "off-camera." In Book 3, sex again, very "fade to black." Book 4, making out. Book 5, heavy semi-clothed making out. And Book 6... is not available to the public.

CA: I think you mean "Only available to the public OF THE FUTURE."

Mead: Yes. That is exactly what I mean.

The article is called The 7 Most Ridiculous Reasons For Banning Books, 2009-2010. Read the full article to find out what the other 6 ridiculous reasons are. :-)

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