Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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ReelzChannel have featured Vampire Academy and fan opinions about the possible making of a Vampire Academy movie in several articles in the last couple of months, which of course we love. It's great that more people become aware of how wonderful the books are, but it also increases our chances of seeing a Vampire Academy movie get made.

The latest guest blog for ReelzChannel is written by our affiliates They've summarized the pros and cons for five fan made Vampire Academy trailers.

Stephanie is our resident fan video expert. She's spent hours on Youtube selecting her favorites, and she's introduced me to some of them. However, I'm still a novice. :-)
I have a couple of favorites, though, and one of them was featured in the ReelzChannel article. Stephanie also posted it to our blog a while back. You can watch her favorite fan videos by selecting the fan video category in the sidebar.

This is my favorite Vampire Academy trailer, and one of those mentioned in the article. It's made by o0tash0o.

This is how Tina and Sabrina from broke down this trailer:

Pros: It does the best job at introducing the Vampire Academy story line.

Cons: It mentions nighttime rituals, which are not in the book.

Final Verdict: If the actual movie introduces the story in an intriguing, Bad A** way like this trailer, then we have a box-office hit!

I absolutely agree with them. I love how it's put together, with the music and the fighting footage especially. But when it comes to the cons, I have to say, that in addition to the trailer mentioning nighttime rituals, it also suggests that the Strigoi are somehow trying to make Lissa into one of them, which seems confusing.
Other than that, I think it's a great trailer!

The trailer I think is my favorite, though, isn't a Vampire Academy trailer - it's a trailer for Blood Promise. So watch this ONLY if you've already read Blood Promise! There are HUGE spoilers for Blood Promise, and especially for Shadow Kiss.
Because of that, I'm just linking to it:

If you haven't already seen it - and if you've read Blood Promise - then you really should. :-)

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