Saturday, October 16, 2010

| 1 Molnija Marks
We've mentioned before that Cadsawan Jewelry have decided to work with Arcane Vault in designing the Vampire Academy marks. Since Cadsawan Jewelry had already designed their own versions of the molnija and promise mark, that meant those designs were changed, and new jewelry has been created.

We've been waiting patiently(?), and now finally, after some delay, the new design for the molnija mark has been revealed!

I love it! The necklace is just beautiful! I'm still curious, though, to see the mark in other kinds of jewelry.

In a comment from Janet, she says this about the necklace:
They will be on pre-sale this weekend. We'll have stock by the end of next week. :) ALSO, single charms will be on sale too.
As I mentioned, Janet has also created a new promise mark, more in line with Arcane Vault's version. I don't think we've posted that yet, so here it is:

Janet also posted a bit of general information a while back:
1. Yes we ship internationally
2. Pictures of New Molnija and Promise Mark tomorrow
3. Chotki, Spirit Rings & Dimitri/Adrian Charms to come in late October
4. Elements out closer to The Last Sacrifice
5. 15% off all October code: RMVA15
As you can see, the molnija mark design was a little delayed, but of course we have it now. :-)

Notice especially the 15% discount they're offering through October.

Janet has also mentioned plans for a Vampire Academy treasure hunt:
I'm putting together a weekend Vampire Academy treasure hunt that will happen towards the end of the month.
It's going to be epic, full of puzzles and clues, and studded with chutes and ladders. You're going to have to work for this one! Whomever wins gets a charm bracelet with all the symbols including the NEW Dimitri charm!!!!
Doesn't this sound fun? :D

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can you tell me where i can buy this item from and will i be able to?

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