Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Arcane Vault have hinted for a while that they would be releasing some exciting new merchandise soon, and that we might get a sneak peek of it this weekend. Well, we got several of them, all of them amazing!

Arcane Vault have asked a few times which Vampire Academy quotes we'd love to see on merchandise, and now we're starting to see the results of that.

First they posted a picture of this awesome shirt:

Arcane Vault answered some questions about which quotes we might see in the future, and they confirmed that they will be making shirts with Adrian's poem on them! :D That is one shirt I am definitely going to have to get! The plan is to release those next summer.

People have also asked Arcane Vault about less expensive merchandise, and they've responded to that, and will be making these pins:

The pins will have a limited production run and they're going to cost between $6 and $10.

Both the shirt and the pins are going to be available for purchase in November 2010.

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