Friday, September 24, 2010

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Richelle Mead will be visiting Toronto over the weekend. The main reason being that the Teen Read Awards will take place there this Saturday.

I don't think we blogged about the Teen Read Awards while the voting was still going on, but they're basically the book version of Teen Choice Awards. So while the Teen Choice Awards focuse on mostly on TV and movies, the Teen Read Awards shine a light on authors of Young Adult literature and the characters in their books.

Richelle is nominated in two categories: Best Teen Series and Best Hottie. Of course we're hoping she'll win, and that we'll get to see her accepting an award.

This is the first time these awards are given out, so I think the authors are pretty excited about it! Becca Fitzpatrick wrote on Twitter about this being their first red carpet, so the question is what everyone will be wearing.

You can find more information about the awards on the Teen Read Awards website. And if you can't be there, make sure you follow their twitter for continual updates of winners. They've opened the floor for questions, so take the chance, tag your tweets #TRAinterview, and ask Richelle Mead or one of the other authors a question. If you're lucky, they'll choose your question. The answers will be posted on Youtube.

And what goes for Richelle's signing, goes for the Teen Read Awards as well. If you manage to get some pictures of the event, we'd love to post them! :-)

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