Sunday, September 5, 2010

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We've promised for a long time that we would do a separate post about Arcane Vault. If I understand correctly, tomorrow is the last day of their offer of 15% discount when you place an order, so I thought now would be a good time to write a post about them. (I know it still is a bit late to mention the discount, but I hope people read this post in time. :-)

So, as I think most of you know, Arcane Vault is the place where you can buy officially licensed Vampire Academy merchandise. They have bookmarks, keychains and shirts. (Recently they released some sneak peeks on their Facebook page of mugs that we can expect to see in the future.)

Here are pics of a couple of the things you can order from them:

They ship internationally, and shipping costs are very low in my opinion. I just placed an order, and to Sweden the shipping costs were little more than 13 US Dollars. Then of course there is always a risk with taxes and custom fees when the package crosses the border, but the costs before that are reasonable in my opinion.

And then we have the discount! It says that the discount code is valid until September 5. I'm not sure exactly what that means timewise, but when you're completing the checkout process, and you're asked for a Coupon Code, you enter avault15 and if the discount is valid, the total amount should be corrected.

I can't wait until the merchandise I ordered arrive! I'm a bit unsure about the sizing of the shirts, because even with a chart, it's always hard to predict. But I'm hopeful!

Don't forget that you can still enter the contest at the Vampire Book Club blog to win Vampire Academy merchandise from Arcane Vault. :-)

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