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| 1 Molnija Marks
On Richelle Mead's blog and Arcane Vault's Facebook page, we've seen a lot of examples of things fans have made to express their love of Vampire Academy, but this is definitely one of my favorite things so far!

I am so excited to be able to share this with you! I think this is so incredibly awesome! It may be because I, myself, love to knit, but when I saw what Adriatika posted on her twitter, I jumped on her immediately to ask her for a pattern! :-)

This is what she posted:

They are pictures of a scarf that she knitted, with her own pattern! I'm probably a knitting and/or scarf nerd, but I just love this!

This is the pattern for the symbols:

And this is Adriatika's description of how she went about making the scarf:


Here is the pattern for the Vampire Academy scarf (I used 3 seperate patterns but I put them all together so sorry if it looks mish-mashed together) I used the double knitting technique so the scarf's really thick and warm. I used size 7 U.S. (4.5 mm) needles and about 300 yds (280 m) of worsted weight (4) wool/alpaca yarn (Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love by in the colors Dusk and Cobblestone if you were wondering), though you can use whatever you want :)

The VA symbol and the Promise mark look the same upside-down and right-side-up, but the molnija mark doesn't, the wider part is the top, so the pattern goes form bottom to top. However, the Molnija mark is the same on front and back, while the VA and Promise marks are backwards so when you're doing the front read right to left and on the back, left to right (I almost ended up with mine saying AV :))

My scarf was 30 stitches wide and I don't know how many rows long, though I do know that I knit 104 plain rows between the pattern, but you can adjust that to make it longer/shorter (I spray blocked my scarf and it got about a foot longer than in the pics). Sorry if I talked too much and my over use of smiley faces, e-mail me or tweet if you have any questions (If you don't know how to double knit I know a great YouTube vid that explains it pretty well, but you've probably been knitting longer than me (3 weeks) and probably know a lot more than I do)

Here's some hints and tips I learned while knitting the scarf :

-To keep track of what row you're on, just put a little x next to the row on the pattern so you don't have to go counting stitches
-when you're doing the middle of the scarf, put a stitch marker every 20 rows so you don't have to count 100+ rows :)
-after you cast on, you can knit/purl into the same stitch with 2 colors (as in the video), or you can just knit with both colors, but make ABSOLUTE sure that the color pattern stays the same (purple grey purple grey..., or grey purple grey purple...) you don't want 2 stitches of the same color next to each other because it'll mess up your pattern (this way does twist the working yarn a lot, so just be warned)
-one color will be your main color, and one will be the color for the symbols (as if that's not already obvious)
-when your main color is in the background facing you, you're looking at the right side
-when your color for your symbols is in the background facing you, you're looking at the wrong side
-read the pattern from the bottom to the top
-on the right side, read the pattern from right to left
-on the wrong side, read the pattern from left to right
-when you start a pattern, make sure you're reading from the right way (I almost ended up with my scarf saying AV instead of VA bc the VA pattern starts on the wrong side and I was reading from right to left)
-If a row is exactly the same as the row you just knitted (which happens a lot in the VA and Promise mark and sometimes in the Molnija mark), you can just knit/purl the stitches with the yarn of the same color (if that makes sense, basically it means knit/purl the purple stitches with purple yarn, and knit/purl the grey stitches with grey yarn, or whatever colors you use)
-one way to cast off is to just do a normal cast off in knit stitch or rib stitch which will make a pattern like the edges
-another way (the better way bc it looks like the cast on row, but I guess it doesn't really matter if you do fringe) is to knit the first stitch only using 1 color (whichever color you did your initial cast on in) then knit 2 together across the whole row until you get to the last stitch which you also knit. you should now have 30 single stitches all the same color Then you can cast off


For those of you who really want to try and make the scarf, but aren't experienced with knitting, Adriatika was kind enough to send us some Youtube videos that can help you with the double knitting technique. I'm definitely going to have to watch this a couple of times to learn how to do it!

Adriatika has posted several pictures of things she's created, inspired by Vampire Academy. You can view them here.

You can also connect with her on her Facebook page!

A big thank you to Adriatika for allowing us to share her pattern with you! I know what I'll be doing in the wee hours of the fall/winter (except for rereading Vampire Academy, of course).

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