Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Although the hardcover of Spirit Bound is available in Sweden right now, I won't be buying it yet.

I'm a huge fan of audiobooks and find nothing more rewarding when you can spend hours upon hours of reading, and doing other things at the same time! I'm nothing if not a multitasker!
I also love book collections, so I'm saving my book-buying cravings for december when the Last Sacrifice is released, and hopefully a ton of collections to!

So...  right now I'm waiting for the e-book version, and can't wait!!!!

So many speculations in my head, and so many things can happen...

I don't want to spoil anyone, so after the break is a total book 3-4 spoiler

  • "You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead. Looks like we’ll have to go over the lesson again the
    next time I see you-which will be soon.
    Love, D" -  I got really moved and shocked by the stake and the letter he sent her; "Halleluja! Hes not dead!(Ergh, not totally dead). And the irony in his writing... Cold, frightening, and totally... totally... HOT.
  • The big Q: Can Lissa Dimitri him back? 
  • What will he become? Moroi? Dhampir again?
  • Will he remember everything he did as a Strigoi?
  • Will he be conscience-stricken with all the killings, all the evil inside of him?
  • Will he miss the power?
  • How will Lissas powers evolve?
  • Will Rose and Lissa be able to speak with eachother over a distance?
  • Adrian and Rose - will it ever happen?
  • Victors ideas - were they really that bad? Lissa did get influenced by them, even if sha wasn't avare of it. When they were in the Royal Court, the speach Lissa gave Queen Tatiana were a little Victorized...
  • After reading the 4th book I realized that Victor might have planned to bring Natalie back from her Strigoi state. His knowledge of Spririt is way deeper than we ever thought, I believe.
I feel like my mind is all mushy, I have about 1456 more q's to go, but I'll settle right here.
Do you guys have the same specs?  Share it with us!

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    jane gallagher said...

    ah, i have many of the same questions. i have to believe dimitri will be turned back from strigoi...but can't imagine how he would cope with the guilt of what he did as a strigoi. richelle said in an interview that spirit bound isn't as emotional as blood proimse and shadow i'm predicting spirit bound will focus more on action sequences, and that dimitri will get turned back at the very end. "last sacrifice" will then deal more with the emotional fall-out. both with what dimitri has to cope with, as well as whichever moroi (lissa or adrian) "healed" him - and of course rose's own issues (adrian or dimitri? sacrificing herself for lissa? always being in the shadow of moroi? etc)

    lots to think about! i hate that we've been waiting all this time for spirit bound...but then as soon as it comes out, within a day we'll be done and have to wait another 8 months for the final installment! the horror.

    Anonymous said...

    Okk so i read Spirit Bound already an LOVE IT!!! It was AWESOME an well totally not what i espected Richelle Mead never seems to surprise me with her way of changing the story an really surprisng ppl by it! Shes an AWESOME writer an well i only have one ? if anyone can answer it for me...What did the ending of Spirit Bound mean as in like the 2 last pages especially the last one!! Plz some one let me knw im kinda going crazy tring to figure it out!!!

    Marie said...

    I'm not sure what you mean when you want to know what the last two pages mean? The queen had been assassinated and Rose had been accused of being the one who murdered her. Murdering the queen is a capital crime, that will result in the death penalty if you're convicted, but Abe and Dimitri will definitely not let that happen to Rose. So the question is who killed the queen? And will Rose be tried for her murder? And if so, what will Abe and Dimitri do?

    Anonymous said...

    Abe will bust Rose out of prison and she will set forth on that journey - the six of swords.

    We need to think of who this 'Queen of Sword' is. I have a fairly good theory about this but of course, I am not the author so I won't ever really know until I read the Last Sacrifice. But this may be someone who has had appearances in the books and we might have not given a second thought. Rose's enemy. I've got 3 suspects - 1 damphir, 2 Morois.

    And another thing to think of is who this 'Page' is. This also escapes me [like Rhonda] as of now as I've just read the entire series once - except for book 1 which I've reread now. Someone we might already know, too, or someone we're going to meet in book 6.

    Anonymous said...

    Who do u think killed her? Jus i dont recall hear of the charecter Page....where did that come out on....

    Anonymous said...

    spirit bound is awesome but i'm still curious...who killed queen Tatiana?...and what's happening in the last sacrifice? will rose set off to find Lissa's brother or sister?...

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