Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Richelle has a new blog post on her LiveJournal about pre-orders for Spirit Bound. She also posted this info on her twitter and Facebook page.

*** Today (May 11) is the last day to order AUTOGRAPHED copies that will ship on release day, May 18

*** Autographed copies of Spirit Bound that are ordered after today will ship on May 19

*** Any autographed orders placed after May 18 will not ship until the end of June because I'll be on tour and unable to sign for the store until I'm back

Make sure to read carefully. And also, if you want the book autographed, make sure you follow the instructions that Richelle has written down on her website.

I absolutely plan to buy the books signed when I can, but it's not an option when it comes to getting the books as soon as possible, since it will take a while for them to get here. (And as you know, I've already bought Spirit Bound, so it's kind of late anyway. :-)

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