Monday, May 17, 2010

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In this post we're going to be introducing a new feature on the blog that we're really excited about!
One of the things we had planned when we started this site, was to make a Vampire Academy podcast! Mainly, we really wanted to discuss the books, but we also thought that it could be a really fun thing since we haven't found anyone else doing a podcast about the Vampire Academy books. One thing we really wanted to do in our early podcasts, was to discuss what we thought might happen in Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice.

Just as it always is, we had a few complications in making the podcast. For different reasons, Kinga wasn't able to join Stephanie and me (Marie) for this first podcast, so we haven't done a big presentation about us and the site in this one. And then, I was able to get hold of the book a week early, so we had to record the podcast sooner than we had planned. That means that it may be a bit less structured than it would have been otherwise (or not - who knows :-).
I should also mention that it was recorded about a week ago.

Most of the podcast is spent talking about what we think might happen in Spirit Bound, so naturally it contains spoilers for the prior books in the series. We also mention a bit about the first chapter of Spirit Bound, the one that Richelle has posted previously, so be aware of that if you haven't read that chapter. And we also talk about the excerpt from the book that Richelle herself read aloud during a Q&A.

Most of us are eagerly awaiting the release of Spirit Bound. Even though, I've already read the book, I'm so excited about the fact that everyone else will finally be able to read it, so I can talk about the book with everyone!! :-) It's really torture having to watch what I say or write all the time, and also not getting other people's opinion on the book.

If I understand correctly Spirit Bound will be released on Tuesday in most parts of the world, which means that, for example, parts of Australia will be able to read it almost a day before Europe, but hopefully some of you'll be able to listen to the podcast before you read the book. And maybe it can be a bit interesting to listen to even after you've read the book. :-)

We've named the podcast Frostbite. We thought that maybe it suited us, since we come from the north. :-) So we hope you'll be able to understand what we're saying. You can hear Stephanie a little bit better, since the podcast is recorded at her end.

And finally, to be able to listen to the podcast, you can subscribe through your iTunes software by choosing Advanced in the menu and then Subscribe to podcast. There you enter this URL:

You can also listen to it directly by clicking here, or download it by right-clicking and choosing Save target As...or something similar.
Hope you enjoy it! :-)

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