Sunday, May 16, 2010

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With only 2 days to go I thought I'd do something usefull, so I am currently listening to the Blood Promise Audiobook, and this is the third time they switch narrators.
Why-oh-why for the love of all that's holy does Adrian sound like Minerva Mcgonagall (from Harry Potter)?

Did Richelle give any indications what so ever, that Adrian is an old british woman?

And Dimitris faint Russian accent, is a very strong faint accent.

Does anyone know if there'll be another audiobook version? Because I'm about to turn Stigoi on audible right now.
This is sad...

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Zeinab said...

HAHAHA! Lissa sounds like a 5-year old kid! x)

Laura said...

Yeah I totally agree with you and with Zeinab. They sound very... Strange. And I seriously didn't like the way she read Dimitris voice or what do u call it. Yeah I didn't like it. Adrians okay I guess, and Lissa is strange too. :D

Little Dhampir said...

In FB and SK Adrian had a husky, hot and alluring voice, and here.. gah... and Dimitri... I'm out of words.

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