Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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We've known for a while, that after The Last Sacrifice, the sixth and final book in the Vampire Academy series, has been released, there will be a spin-off series that takes place in the same world but focusing on a different character. The spin-off series will consist of six additional books. posted an interview that Wondrous Reads did with Richelle Mead at the Eternal Twilight 3 Convention earlier this year. posted a picture of Richelle and ProphecyGirl from Wondrous Reads.

This is what Richelle had to say about the upcoming book Spirit Bound and about the spin-off series.

WR: Can you say anything about the spin-off series?

RM: It’ll be
characters people already know, the only character I’m giving up, that’s in
there, is Sydney. The rest, you’ll know who lives or dies when the current books
stop, and I can’t give that away.

WR: On the subject of future books, is
there anything you can tell us about Spirit Bound? Is it a big Dimitri book?

RM: Oh, everyone’s in there, it’s a continuing story so it’s all the
usual characters. Spirit Bound is action-packed, and there are no tragic ‘I’m
going to cry’ moments in it. Hopefully that’ll cheer people up, because I know
books 3 and 4 largely, and 2, upset a lot of people. There’s nothing quite that
traumatic in Spirit Bound, but there are a lot of ‘OMG I can’t believe that just
happened’ moments.

So what do you think the 'OMG I can't believe that just happened' moments will be?

In the interview Richelle also answers questions about whether the plots of her book are always planned out, how she got published, what her writing process is like, and about her signing tours among other things. It's a long interview, but a really good one!

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

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