Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Hi everyone!
For reasons I won't bore you with (well, I can if you want to ;-), I've been extremely bad at updating the site. I simply haven't had the time or energy for it, what with work etc. It's not that I don't love blogging here. It's just slipped down the list of priorites right now. :S

So this is something I should have done long ago, but, again, for several reasons, I haven't until now.

I want to ask if there is anyone out there interested in contributing to the site? I don't make many demands on what you have to do, but of course it's important that you're able to write so that people understand what you're saying. ;-) A good sense of sentence structure is a plus as well. I'm not a native English speaker/writer, so you don't have to be either, but you should be able to write posts in English without using Google Translate for the entire post. LOL (We've all seen those blog posts and it's always impossible to understand what they said in the first place.)

If you're new to Blogger (the blogging platform we use for the blog at the moment), don't worry. It's easy to learn, and I'll help you with that. Your desire to blog and share information with people is what's most important.

Anyway, if you're interested in being part of this blog, and relaying Vampire Academy info to "the masses", then e-mail me. You can find the e-mail contact in the right sidebar. Write a little about who you are and why you'd like to blog about Vampire Academy. :D

So, hopefully we'll get some more blog posts going here soon. And who knows? I might not get anymore work from next week, and then you'll probably see a lot more of me. But that's nothing I can speculate on right now. :-)

Oh, and Happy Easter to everyone!! I'm enjoying my long weekend in our summer weather here in Sweden right now.

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