Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Wow, a lot of great news about Richelle Mead and the Vampire Academy universe in the last few days and weeks. I worked all last week, so I almost couldn't keep up! Where to start?

Since it's on most of our minds at the moment, I think Japan is the best place to start. Noone can have missed the horrible events that have taken place in the last few days. First, one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history happened outside of the Japanese coast. Then followed a terrifying tsunami, levelling everything in its path with a devestating force.

The Japanese people are still trying to grasp the consequences of these events, and they need help desperately with such things as clean water, infrastructure, and finding missing people.

The writing community are such awesome people, that many of them immediately began thinking about how they could help with raising money. One of these charity events going on right now, was started by Richelle Mead.

An eBay account has been created where Richelle Mead has listed a whole bunch of her books, signed of course. It's not just Vampire Academy, but her Georgina and Eugenie series as well. And, to make it exclusive, Richelle has listed copies of her German and French copies, for example. I would so love to be able to bid on these! Unfortunately, shipping is just for the US.

You can see all the books listed right now on the booksthatgive's eBay site. Richelle has said that she will list things a little at a time to see what the interest is like. You can read what Richlle had to say about Japan, and setting up the auctions, here.

Books have now been added from authors like Melissa Marr, Carrie Ryan, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

There are other charity events going on right now as well. One of them was apparently inspired by an idea from Richelle, and it consists of a couple of different auctions where, if you're an aspiring writer, you can bid on a critique by several of the League of Reluctant Adults authors, a group that Richelle's a member of. You can read more about the auctions on Stacia Kane's blog. Or, if you want to go directly to the auctions, you can click here.

To learn more about the League of Reluctant Adults, visit their blog.

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Anonymous said...

AWWWW!!! thats sooo nice i need to buy her other series. but where has marie been? its been over a week!! next time marie write faster i was worried u were kidnapped or something.

Marie said...

Hey there! Where Marie has been? I'm here! lol

I'm sorry the updates have been few, and far between. There are several reasons. As always, real life takes time. Sometimes work, other times spending time with friends and family (which we all want time for). I actually run (not always successfully) four sites at the same time, so it can be difficult to divide my time in a good way.
Also, I am the only person updating, which wasn't supposed to be the case in the beginning, but it ended up being that way, unfortunately.

So, maybe next time you don't have to worry about me being kidnapped. ;D

Anonymous said...

Read about this on her livejournal page, lovely thing to do!

Hey, ladies. You need to update your 'The Author' page...

Next Georgina Kincaid (#6) is called: Succubus Revealed

Next Dark Swan book (#4) is called: Shadow Heir

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