Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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So, have most of you managed to find Last Sacrifice? I know, by reading on Twitter, that a lot of you are torn by the fact that you have exams soon, and it's hard to prioritize. I'd recommend taking a study break once in a while to read a little of Last Sacrifice, but I know it's hard to not just keep on reading. :-)

I still haven't gotten my book, so I caved and just bought the e-book, which means I'm finally able to read it! But don't worry, you won't be getting any spoilers here, not for quite a while anyway. If you're looking for spoilers, there are several places to go. For example you can always visit Penguin Australia's Vampire Academy forum and look through the spoiler threads in the forums.

Last night, when I was still trying to work out whether or not my book would arrive today, I decided to finally do a Prediction Podcast that I've been thinking of doing for a while. It was supposed to be me and Stephanie doing this podcast, but unfortunately that didn't work out, so I recorded one on my own. It is a bit difficult to do one of these podcasts on your own. A lot of the speculation comes from discussing with other people, so it feels like I forgot to talk about some things that I'd also been thinking about when it comes to Last Sacrifice. But most of it is there anyway.

Feel free to listen to and/or download the podcast. You can visit the podcast page to listen to it and download it in different formats. You can download it in mp3 format, by clicking here. Or you can listen to it in this player:

Remember, except for the first chapter of Last Sacrifice and teaser quotes and trailers, there are no spoilers for Last Sacrifice in this podcast, since I still hadn't read the book.

I have started the book now. I haven't read much, but I can already tell that a lot is going to happen in this book!!

Hope you like the podcast, and good luck with your reading! :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a swedish reader and love your site. Am I wrong or are you swedish to? Sorry for my english.. But where did you buy the e-book?

Marie said...

Hi Viktoria!
Glad you like the site! :-)
Yes, you're right, we're all from Sweden.

I bought the e-book from Amazon. I have an iPod Touch with a Kindle app, so I can read books on it. (I have other book reading apps on it as well, but that's the one I bought Last Sacrifice on.)

I was planning on buying the e-book from Amazon.com, but discovered that it was cheaper on Amazon.co.uk because the UK edition is in paperback, go figure?

I have my visa card on file on Amazon, so I just had to click a button, and then I had the book on my iPod. :-) If you don't have an iPhone or and iPod Touch, you can also download it and read on your computer, but it's not as comfortable in my opinion.

Hope you got your question answered. Thanks for your comment!

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