Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Finally, the Vampire Academy Treasure Hunt has gone live! It's all made by Janet Cadsawan, who designs official Vampire Academy Jewelry. So far only a couple of clues have been posted, so there is still time to catch up. :-)

Janet has made an amazing job putting this together, and some of it is very sneaky (which we love, even if it's frustrating).

Here is a little summary of what is good to know when you make your way around the treasure map:

First, you should visit Janet's blog. There she's explained all the details of how to find the clues, and the treasure hunt starts there. Basically you find the answer to a question, and the link where you should use the answer as a password. You will then get a clue for where you can find the next question to answer. When you find that website, you look for the molnija mark, and there is the question and the link to where the answer is also a password. And so on! :-)

Does it sound confusing? I think when you start going through the steps, you'll get the hang of it. And, like I said, read through what Janet has written on her blog. She goes through everything in detail, and there are also a few hints there.

You should check out both Janet's blog for Cadsawan Jewelry + Design, and Janet's own Facebook page.

It could be a good thing to keep tabs on both Janet's Cadsawan and personal twitter accounts.

Make sure to sign up for the Vampire Academy Treasure Hunt event on Facebook.

All these different sites are not just to get clues from Janet and her Guardian helpers. :-) There are a lot of people searching at the same time as you/we are, and these sites are good places to get help from them as well.

In the blog post where the treasure hunt begins, Janet also posted a list of the booty we're competing for:

1. VA Charm Bracelet

2. Pure 80′s CD

3. Inspired Spirit Ring

4. Amor Amor perfume

5. A signed copy of Last Sacrifice

So how's everybody doing? Are you finding the clues and the websites? Isn't it fun?

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