Monday, November 15, 2010

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Oh, I'm feeling a bit behind on all the news at the moment! Today I've been to a very fun birthday party, and I'm also knitting socks for Christmas presents. I really want to knit one of Adriatika's beautiful Vampire Academy scarves, but I haven't quite mastered the double knitting yet! .-)

Penguin Australia, who are the ones releasing all the teasers, are going to alternate between character and quote teasers it seems. So since the last teaser was a quote, this time we get a character trailer. The first one was about Christian, and this one is about Lissa. All the character trailers have the same theme, and contain the same spoiler for Spirit Bound, just FYI if you haven't read that book yet.

So what do you think of this one? I know there are A LOT of different guesses as to what it all means, but I'm really not sure. My only guess is that the eye color is important.

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