Thursday, November 11, 2010

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After a weekend full of excitement, of course with teasers, but mainly the Vampire Academy Treasure Hunt, organized by Janet Cadsawan, I was going to say we can take a breath and relax a bit. However, it will be a short rest, which is also fun seeing as it's due to the release date for Last Sacrifice soon approaching.

To summarize the Treasure Hunt:

This is the amazing booty that the randomly selected Mel won, posted by Janet on the Cadsawan Facebook page!

The question mark is the Dimitri charm that isn't available yet.

On her personal Facebook page, Janet also posted a note with the first 15 people to complete the treasure hunt:
1. Guardian Keri 11/7/2010 15:07:37
2. Lbarra 11/7/2010 15:11:26 [sorry, Lillie, I thought it was closer]
3. locketlove 11/7/2010 15:19:06
4. Marie
5. melk_va
6. NinaFreakingOut
7. xxlenalenaa
8. Lillis
9. Guardian Kenia
10. Tina
11. Bina
12. Vianney
13. Stina
14. little_vampire8
15. mouseswife
Yep, that's me in fourth place. :-) I know a few of the people on the list. We were a group of people working together on the clues, which made it even more fun. We stayed up late, talking on msn, waiting for the next clue to be posted. :D
And I think #10 and 11 might be the girls from Is that right?

Are any of you on the list? :D How many of you finished the treasure hunt?

I want to once again thank Janet for doing this for us Vampire Academy fans. I think most of us had an incredibly fun weekend. :-)

For the treasure hunt, Janet created a VA Group on Facebook, which is being held open. You can join that if you want. At the moment there is a discussion going on about the teaser video that was released a few days ago. (Btw, we should be getting the second one very soon now, on Thursday, but I don't know in which time zone.)

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Mel said...

The 5th looks like me :P Awesome Treasure Hunt, had so much fun :D

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