Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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I know this is going to make people both sad, jealous and angry, but I thought you'd want to know anyway. ;-)

My friend Nina was actually lucky enough to pick up *drumroll* Last Sacrifice in store today!!!

Thanks Nina for sending the pic! (She's part of an awesome Swedish Hunger Games site that you should totally check out. :)

I've ordered my copy from an online bookstore, and according to them, they have the book in stock as well, so they should be sending it out soon. Of course I'm incredibly excited about that, but I really wouldn't have minded waiting another week to get the book. I'm just relieved that I hopefully will be able to avoid most spoilers before reading the book.

This happened with Spirit Bound as well, and it's because the Swedish stores that import US and UK books don't usually wait for release day to put out the books. They have them on sale as soon as soon as they are delivered.

So for some people they're not really concerned that we still haven't gotten the first chapter. We are still waiting for Penguin to post it, but at this moment some are reading the actual book... Okay, so maybe I am a little jealous. ;-)

Have any of you been able to find the book already? I know there are people who have gotten review copies, but this book was in a shop.

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Tessie said...

Faaan, jag beställde från CDON, kunde ju ha gått till sci-fi-bokhandeln direkt istället, men då måste man ju få den snart :)
Kanske borde börja läsa om de tidigare böckerna ur serien redan nu?
Och kanske borde jag kommentera på engelska istället..
Next time.

Anonymous said...

Guys, can you confirm if the chapters leaked are fake? Just that, it won't spoil anything

Anonymous said...
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