Sunday, October 31, 2010

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I've mentioned this on Twitter, but I know I'm late with it on the blog. (I'm in Gothenburg this weekend, and there is an ongoing bomb threat here, so it's taken a bit more planning to go meet friends etc.)

This weekend MCM Expo is going on in London, and Emma Vieceli, who is the comic artist for the Vampire Academy graphic novel, is there, organizing, among other things.

Emma has a new book out right now; it's her own series, Dragon Heir: Reborn. You can read more about it, and buy it from Sweatdrop. From what I understand, the book is also available to purchase from Amazon. The page says that it's out of print, but Emma herself has stated on twitter that that is incorrect. (Also, according to what I've read on twitter, the book has some awsome gold details that don't translate well in this picture:

A twitter friend, and fellow Vampire Academy fan, Nachtangel, is also at MCM Expo this weekend, and she'll be reporting on her adventures when she gets home. Maybe she'll have managed to track down Emma, who knows? Either way, you can follow her on Tumblr or twitter.

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