Friday, September 17, 2010

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A couple of days ago it was announced that in about a week's time, on September 24th, a new Official Vampire Academy jewelry line will debut, designed by Janet Cadsawan. You could read a little bit about Janet and her feelings about jewelry in our previous post. managed to get an interview with Janet, and asked her a few questions about her jewelry, the Vampire Academy books, and the possiblity of a movie. This is some of what she had to say about -

The books:
Janet first became acquainted with Vampire Academy completely by accident through a friend. The friend in question posted a picture of a meeting with Richelle Mead in Seattle, this of course lead to Janet picking up the book and not really putting it down since…
The characters:
As for her favourite characters from the Vampire Academy series, apart from Rose she really admires Christian; “He’s so dark, sarcastic and willing to take his destiny in his own hands. I like that.” Janet also admits to harbouring a soft spot for both Christian and Dimitri, but with the next book titled Last Sacrifice she admits to holding back.
The movie:
When asked about a prospective movie she sounds optimistic. “I really do hope the movie is made. I think Rose is a fantastic role model, and I do like the action as well.” As well as hopeful that perhaps some of her designs may appear on the big screen.
You can read the full interview here.

I forgot to mention another exciting thing in my last post. Cadsawan jewelry are planning on designing a Dimitri charm, but they want our help! This is what Janet wrote to us on twitter:

So if you have a suggestion for what kind of charm would represent Dimitri, send it to Cadsawan Jewelry, and you might be the lucky person who'll get one!

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