Thursday, July 22, 2010

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As I mentioned in my last post, Preger Entertainment has optioned the Vampire Academy books. This means that they have the rights to turn the books into a movie. However, they need the support from a studio to be able to make this happen, and a way to get that is to show that there is a solid fan base supporting the franchise.

This is a quote from the press release:

Fans of the book series world-wide have flooded the online Social Networks with fan-created movie trailers, chat rooms, blogs, and even, online movie petitions -- sending a powerful message to Hollywood to bring Mead's characters to the big screen. "This spontaneous viral event has exploded all across the internet," comments Preger. "Finding an epic story like this for adaptation is one thing, but to then discover this mass market audience, that's growing exponentially, who are eagerly awaiting --- even demanding --- a film be produced, is something very compelling."

This shows that Preger knows that there are a lot of fans out there, but they have to be able to show that to the studio, and that's where we come in.

Preger Entertainment has created an official Facebook page for the Vampire Academy Movie, and they're hoping to have 20 000 members by the end of this week. They're almost up to 17 000, so it's looking really good, but if you want the movie to be made, and you want the studio to see your support - be sure to join The Official Vampire Academy Facebook Page.

There is a discussion forum, and the producers have been asking the fans a different question every day. Today, for example, the question was which character we relate to the most, and why?

If you visit the Notes section of the Facebook page, you can also read the notes that the producers have written so far, about what their goal for the movies are, and what is required to get there.

Preger has also set up an official twitter account @OfficialVAMovie, so if you're on twitter, make sure you follow them.

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