Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Okay, so I know I promised to report all the exciting news from the last month (and it is coming!), but Richelle just tweeted this picture and I had to post it for all you who might have missed it. I think this is pretty exciting news as well. :-)

What you see here are the copy edits for Iron Crowned, and line edits for Last Sacrifice. They are both due in under two weeks and the one on the right is Last Sacrifice!

Richelle also wrote a little bit on her Facebook page about what the different edits mean.
For those curious about the manuscripts below, here's the status. IC goes through first draft, revision, copy edits, proofs, and production. LS goes through first draft, 2 revisions, line edits, copy edits, proofs, and production. So, still a ways to go on both.
I have no idea what the different terms are, so I looked it up, and this is what I found on

Line editing is a stage in the editing process in which a manuscript is edited for tone, style, and consistency. [...] As the term “line editing” implies, a line editor literally goes through a written piece line by line, taking the time to be extremely thorough and meticulous. Line editors may read a piece several times to ensure that it has been thoroughly edited, often starting with a rough pass to look for basic issues like spelling and grammar problems and then digging in deeper with each successive pass.
There are a lot of stages a manuscript has to go through before it reaches us, the readers. We don't always think of that when we're waiting for the book. Still, I want to read Last Sacrifice now! :D

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